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Todd + Partners was created based on a need that we uncovered within the FinTech small business community.

Business Development

We help our clients identify and pursue strategic opportunities for their business through the cultivation of partnerships.

Creative Team

Getting the buzz out about your product or services requires creativity both online and offline. We pride ourselves on intelligent creativity.

Expansive Network

We are from diverse backgrounds which enables us to have a wide professional network. This has proven to be valuable to our clients.

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Request a call or meeting with Jen Todd to provide an assessment of your blockchain or cryptocurrency related business and help connect you with the right industry experts to move forward.


Jen Todd


Since 1997 Jen has worked across all segments of the financial services industry specializing in business development at companies such as PaineWebber, Lloyds TSB Private Bank and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. She was also Co-Owner and Director of Operations and Business Development for RacingTraders, Ltd., a successful trading software that linked to a large UK betting exchange. Most recently, she expanded her experience in finance and business development to working with smaller independent hedge funds where she helped to create a Registered Investment Advisory firm. ….

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Danny Miranda

Strategic Partner

Current owner and founder of Pithy Marketing who brings over 20 years of marketing expertise across multiple market segments, most recently those in the crypto space. Danny is a 2nd generation marketer with a background in direct response marketing, where he leveraged the power of video, television, and high powered call centers to drive immediate sales. Currently, he owns and operates his full-service marketing agency that focuses on customer acquisition, building brands and executing an effective marketing strategy. He has joined the Todd + Partners team as a strategic partner for various special projects and clients.

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First Contact

Schedule an initial call or meeting to better identify your current business needs or objectives.

Discussion & Planning

Spend 30 minutes to an hour together during a discovery phone call or meeting to understand the project and the steps needed to achieve desired results.
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Proposal & Fee

Within 24 hours of the initial conversation, we will send a proposal outlining our recommendation and timeline along with our fee for the project.

Ready To Start

Once an agreement is reached, we will get started right away and consult with you throughout the duration of the project.